T H E    D A Y

Penrith's Multi Award Winning Haven for Holistic, Nurturing Pampers & Boutique Day Spa Experiences 

All of our pampers, Massages & Treatments at The Day Spa are suited & customised  to all genders. We have created some targeted facials specific to Men.


SIGNATURE RELAXATION | 60 minutes | $150   90 minutes | $225
Our Signature Massage is a total experience  incorporating aromatic inhalation, face & sole ritual including decadent hot aroma towelling .

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE  | Back Neck & Shoulders | $85  60 minutes | $135                                                                                                  
Relieve | Treat |Balance
Firm to strong therapeutic massage working on the deeper layers of the muscles to ease tension & tightness.

Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine techniques this is a highly-targeted body treatment designed & incorporating a therapeutic compound scrub and warm Bodhi stones to treat muscle pain and tension. Experience the stimulating effects of camphor, menthol, cinnamon, peppermint and clove with our custom blended Huo scrub and balm on your back.
This is a deep tissue massage therapy with stimulating effects to untie muscle knots & relieve muscle tension. The anti-inflammatory property of the balm works well in relieving pain and inflammation in swollen muscles and joints. Leaving the body tension free & balanced. Allow 75 minutes including consultation


MENS DEEP CLEANSE FACIAL | 60 minutes | $150

Cleanse | Clarify | Detoxify

Offers a deep cleanse & exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells whilst the high potency multi detox clay mask detoxifies and promotes cell renewal leaving skin hydrated and fresh.

BEARDED BLOKE FACIAL | 30 minutes | $95

Cleanse | Condition | Chill

This relaxing facial is for all our bearded boys & hipsters, using beautiful products.Customized to skin concerns to cleanse & exfoliate the face, hot towel envelopments & gorgeous beard tonic to rid the beard of bacteria and to condition that fabulous facial hair.